Lao Cai received over 10,740 tourists during Tet

Signals travel happy to Lao Cai immediately in the New Year”s Day Cat when tourist numbers increase, typical attendance at the landscapes in Sapa and Bac Ha. The total number of tourists to Lao Cai in the Lunar New Year holidays to reach 10,704 passengers, up 31% compared to the same period in 2010. Including 5343 international tourist arrivals increased by 38.5% compared to the same period in 2010 .
During this holiday, the China country you were open to all citizens residing in the provinces are traveling abroad. Hence Chinese tourists and tour groups in Vietnam long day 849 card via Lao Cai border gate had prospered, the tourism business unit organized to reach the 4,000 passengers (up 33% 2010), Private 1st and 2nd day festival day, about 1,000 Chinese tourists traveling Vietnam entry through the Lao Cai international border gate, which has a fleet of 150 visitors by program Caravan (self-drive tour). The number of tourists traveling Vietnam to China through Lao Cai international border gate - Hekou during the holiday is estimated at over 3,000 passengers. Lunar New Year holidays this year than any year prolonged, the number of tourists to Sa Pa is high, reaching 3707 visitors, including 1,343 international visitors.
With a fairly large number of visitors so welcome, but the price situation during this holiday is quite stable, and the price of the tour does not significantly increase the guest rooms, the largest hotel rooms remain unchanged and prices of services for tourists. To achieve these results, since the day before Chinese New Year, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Lao Cai has strengthened inspection service activities, especially the price of tours, activities sending, to greet visitors at the gate and the services for tourists (travel, hotels, entertainment spots, ...) so the travel services have been made Tet is quite good in the past, to meet the needs of tourists. Also, the previous scarcity of tickets and limited transport capacity of rail travelers, industry has also proactively direct the tourism business unit increased use of transportation services traveler sleepers of carmakers like Sao Vietnam, Vietnam bus ... to strengthen further transport for Chinese tourists during the holidays and throughout the upcoming Tet holidays.
Although there are still a few points exist, to overcome limitations in the pick-up in the holidays and peak seasons as scarcity train tickets and rail fares rise too high compared with the actual price; Chinese visitors to the east leads to shortages Chinese tour guide; catering service during the holiday traveler does not meet requirements set by many restaurants closed and no staff shortage led to tourists dining. But with the results achieved during the holiday Tan Mao 2011 will create a stepping stone for the development of the tourism sector to go up this year and in subsequent years, and marked the rebound of Provincial tourism industry after 1 year of follow difficult economic recession world.

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