Curse on the ancient stone Sapa

Over 80 years, the experts both domestic and international have come with the ancient stone circle in Sapa (Lao Cai) to seek precise answers to these mysterious carvings that for so long, for indigenous peoples that is the curse of the ancestors.

Muong Hoa valley where form pan tilt "located" by the ancient stone circle mystery. At three Ta Van, Su Pan and Hau Thao around streams States have black reefs are strictly protected.


The mysterious carvings


The rocks of all sizes shapes sprawling US side streams out with the carvings as sun, distorted circle, a star 6 wing, humanoid, bagua wheel ... and the characters leaves. Significantly, every rock has a size, shallow depth and the different carvings. In Sa Pa trip to learn about the ancient stone circle mystery, we ask you Ly Dao envelope cum indigenous guides slid to each rock has carvings in three communes of Muong Hoa valley.
At Hau Thao, individual stones concentrated in two large yards. The first beach is next to the Pho - the Hmong late spring. In this area, the number of stone gathers no more but the biggest rocks. There are stones of up to over 12 meters in length and number of carvings in the large stone blocks also denser, more diverse. According to Mr. Li envelope it was "book" the greatest of our ancestors.
Monday rocks bordering communes of Lao Chai Hau Thao and beside the main road leading to the place of the Mongolian Red Dao people live. This is the largest reef with over 100 blocks of different size. Indigenous peoples also have their own name for the stone is "library heaven". The remarkable thing is it has the carvings Exclusive (appearing only once - PV).
According to some historical documents and ethnographic, the rock carvings on the ancient Sa Pa is attributable in the main group: Figure male and female mating, circular structure Hoa Loc cultural period, markers hexagram of the I Ching ... all the carvings that are very concise, clearly expressed in primitive times when people still depend entirely on nature.


Curse the ancients


According to local people, the curse on rocks ancient ancestral as sacrificial continue to mountains on several occasions. If left to curse the descendants will be punished. Or the husband wife married under customary, continuous floor scrapers, pull the wife of the Mongolian ... are related to the Church Say nguyen.Anh newspaper said Li, from the ancestral forefathers passed down the story still carries mythical curse engraved on the rocks. Church father is Li Alert Muon is also a "home study version", he was quite interested in the mysterious story and tried to collect from for decades.
But he Muon, myths still are illusory or should people just know that story that tells descendants. And the carvings and the curse really is all the unknown, the inexplicable.
"To determine the age of ancient rock paintings on Sapa”s not hard compared to modern science. However, based on the method as: Comparison graphic level and the level of ideas in graphics; Physical properties grooves: medium width, breadth and width greatest smallest average curves ... with two conventional methods can somewhat dated graphics. If compare chemical properties of substances on the groove by positioning C and compare the biological properties, the higher the accuracy. "

The appeal of street food Sapa


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