Fansipan slings, disaster for the ”Roof of Indochina”

Contrary to other cult projects, project information Fansipan Mountain cable car up to 4,400 billion worth by investors - Ba Na cable car company - kept quite secret. Social and known only when this work started. This information not only stunned the world tourism and environmental protection, the online community.
This is a three-wire cable system "longest, highest, most complex the world" for the first time in Asia. In parallel with the cable system is "premium resort" consisting of 4-5 star hotels, amusement parks, shopping, golf ..., the spiritual with a temple in the mountains and giant Buddha statue.
Hình ảnh Cáp treo Fansipan, thảm họa cho ‘Nóc nhà Đông Dương’ số 1
Photos Gondola Fansipan, disaster for ”Roof of Indochina” No. 1
Fansipan 3,143 meters high - the roof of Indochina - where experience and express the will of the young
"Well then, Fansipan"
Replies to foreign media, said Nguyen Van My, Chairman of the Board of Fire Company Picnic Vietnam, a tourism enterprise names confirmed, he could not believe it and could tell truly shocked - to use the word was "stunned".
"Never events haunt me like that, and I totally could not understand," said the American said. Previously, he also vaguely heard rumors about this project but the idea is heaven "itchy mouth gossip play" because nowhere in Vietnam, such as cable cars - like the work, no planning at all. I believe that the leaders of the tourism industry and even scientists will protect Fansipan.
And he was even more shocked to hear that the project is not only the cable but also a complex includes an 18-hole golf courses, luxury resorts and many other amusement parks. The project is being implemented at Mount Fansipan is the highest mountain in Indochina, and is conveniently located in the Hoang Lien National Park. Vietnam confirms Fire boss: No country would launch a tourism project in the national park caliber so.
A cable car project with a capacity of 2,000 passengers / h, up to 20,000 visitors a day, while on top of Fansipan contains only 1,000 users are overwhelmed. So to meet this power, of course, will have to deforestation, land grab canvas surface. In addition, to ensure to 7 km long cable with giant pillars, between forest, one can not build office deforestation. As nothing has ever used a helicopter hoisting building materials to the office point - that is, clearing of road transport.
"I”ll have to build cable deforestation, deforestation for the construction of the house. That, I repeat, legally they violate the provisions of the national park, the protection of nature, "he told US.
He and his friends do the US tour was mulling exclamation: Well then, Fansipan!
Ba Na cable car is also dull swelling?
Reply VTV, Chairman of Sun Group (parent company of Ba Na Cable Car) said that the investment will contribute to the cable car to change the face, life and income for the villagers of Sapa. When a cable car, the number of tourists will increase to 30% per year.
Nguyen Van My candid: "I would take that bet the lives of the next five years, the consequences of today”s label Bana money".
According to him, today the West is not living up Bana (Da Nang) but chose to go to Bach Ma (Thua Thien - Hue) although Bana yore is an ideal vacation spot them. Winter visitors to Ba Na is curiosity. To finish one sees concrete oppressive, because the area of ​​the Ba Na and narrow, so as to disappoint them. "I think people are not up where the second Bana. Thus can the first few years because the number of tourists will increase curiosity, but at the cost of money in the long run, the label, "said the US argument.
The organizer of this travel gear further analysis, hot climate Danang, Bana for people to cool a little, then there is. I have to Ba Na dozens of times, most recently last year. Guests who want to go, then put it away, but to do nothing, nothing special at all, have fun in the city, has it even closer. I just regret landscape Bana about ten years ago when wild, sleep on it at night listening to the wind howling, Da Nang look beautiful! Now cement, concrete bits off. So I repeat, Bana immediate data only fool some people, but also in the long term environmental landscape is broken, the latter will leave.
With Sapa, the more incredible because Sapa was cold then, no one above the freezing Fansipan it back at all. 2012 guests to Sapa almost a million, of which only 30% were foreign visitors only. Inversely proportional growth between domestic and foreign visitors was a warning bell: the more days the natural landscape, the rustic countryside of Sapa legs disappearing.
"If this project (slings Fansipan - PV), I make sure it”s a living chasing West, they prefer natural capital close. Ha Giang Why is now the tourist hot spots? Although dangerous road - only 16 seats going to be new, the service is lacking - only hotel motels but no severance, but guests still very crowded. Because come on people say to each other, Ha Giang hurry, because tomorrow one artless landscape will be broken.
Ha Giang up now like to Sa Pa, 30 years ago to Dalat like 60 years ago. Artless Sapa accidentally stepping on the footsteps of Da Lat, only domestic tourists. And domestic tourists are up and about, do not stay long, they do not spend money like foreigners. Why do not we make a wiser way? "Said the US issued a warning and also an interesting suggestion.
Compare to other Southeast Asian countries, Malaysia has only 3 moving world while Vietnam has up to 17, but the number of tourists from Malaysia nearly fivefold, from tourism profits sixfold Vietnam. Among them, the highest mountain in Southeast Asia and is a symbol of Malaysia”s Kinabalu, though very popular, every day Malaysia only allows 120 people to climb, so to go up to register in advance to 5-7 months . Doing this does not cause discomfort to the visitors but on the contrary, also increases the value of Mount Kinabalu.
Do not attach the national symbol for spiritual icon
A cultural expert, Dr. Nguyen Van Bay (former Deputy Director of the Institute for Economic Research and Social Development, University of Hanoi) adds, will not turn slings and should not build the temple, the Buddha statue on top Mount Fansipan (albeit at an altitude of 2,800 m).
Vietnam has a lot of land is considered ”holy” Buddhism as Yen Tu mountain, Tam Dao mountain range (peak Tay Thien), ... where pilgrims Huong Tich.
Unfortunately, where people also override the built cable car. Said spiritual tourism, especially pilgrimage site can not hustle and people come to have a spiritual experience. Cable car is just a feeling, a satisfaction.
Hình ảnh Cáp treo Fansipan, thảm họa cho ‘Nóc nhà Đông Dương’ số 2
Fansipan own, this is the area which has no tradition of Buddhism. Mountaintop is simple, as a symbol of nature, natural symbol of Vietnam and also is considered the roof of Indochina. Vietnam is a multi-cultural country so as not to mount Fansipan with symbols of Buddhism.
Photos Gondola Fansipan, disaster for ”Roof of Indochina” No. 2
Fansipan, where the kiss is not just a kiss
Since the cable car up a private project being implemented Fansipan, appeared on the social network calls for protests this project.
Many people fear when they Fansipan Mountain cable car will ”lose meaning” is a symbol of the challenging spirit and will of the people, especially the young, to overcome the difficult terrain, the inclement weather to climb to the top.
The objection that the cable stayed conquer Fansipan peak road is rather narrow peaks themselves have nothing but high spiers 3,143-meter mark.
For communities in Vietnam expedition which is often called ”DIY adventurers”, the Fansipan among ”a top, four-pole” (the easternmost point, west, south, north) that they ”should definitely go” .

The appeal of street food Sapa


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