Fair Cán Cấu

Can Cau Market is one of the farthest - if guests depart from Sa Pa tourist areas - and also the most beautiful fair, most vividly reflected the life of highlanders.
Before meeting market on steep slopes intermingled with terraced rice fields change color is beautiful four seasons but too remote, obscure. Recently, the Provincial Highway 153 is complete with connectors Bao Thang Bac Ha then led straight to Simacai. Since then the police moved Cau Market asphalt, people come to trade commodity exchange and sightseeing cruises crowded much lighter.
     To be fair a visit to the fullest, to depart very early in Lao Cai. 4:30 am I was trailing on the road, but to the gateway that has seen dozens markets passenger cars close together. Many foreign tourists also depart early to be looking and feeling fuller markets.
Can Cau Market
     Cau Market on Saturdays weekly meeting. Previously come mostly Hmong market and the Giay, but recently favorable transportation, Dao, Ha Nhi, the Tay also participated sale, barter. Although many domestic and foreign tourists known but Cau retains the identity of a mountainous fair. There is no common language here, the nation”s voice used to market such a people, very few people speak Kinh and to exchange with each other if they try to sign or use more common languages ​​are English Thin.
     Asphalt from meeting market extends to a valley with five shopping areas: livestock, clothing fabrics, supplies, cardamom, vegetables and other local produce. There are people who go to the market with a chilli bags, some pumpkin, melon or a handful of freshly picked vegetables backyard, simply because they came not just for fair trade that is habit, pleasure, are forward idyllic Convention of anyone living in the high mountains of this abyss.
     Dining areas are always crowded. At cane always nuop nuop buyers and sellers, the girls themselves hold both long and sugarcane gradually stripped until last slang, without knives. Cream is also a favorite food at the fair. At the restaurant, vendors incessant hand eaters, egg noodles, pour wine, inviting guest ... casting corn cake, try to win and noodle perhaps more popular. Under gentle hillsides are cattle and poultry with men mainly involved purchases.
The space is filled with colors characteristic of northwestern area, which attracts people looking to sell most areas dresses and fabrics. The colorful dresses with extremely delicate motifs, ingenious. The brilliant fabric rolls used as raw materials and garment straps, belts or the road fringing. The only stall selling colorful to dazzle by hundreds of rolls just fell open, to attract buyers ...
     When the sun reached the top first, then fair Cau began to melt. They packed up goods, furniture quick, neat. To about 13g for valves, both new markets in the last few hours longer bustle buyers and sellers is now just an empty lot in the sunlight silence spread over the tattered thatched roofs and the roadside grass. Cau like a dream just passed, to whom once had to the picture and color of it lingering in my heart forever ...

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