Unusually hot wells in Bao Thang in Lao Cai

His family wells Museum of the Red River about 0.5 km from the city of Lao Cai and approximately 40km southeast dug about 25 years ago, the well 14m, and cool water in his home for decades lanh.May often uses water wells to serve students from mid March hoat.Nhung far sudden warming of water in wells incredible, around 30 to 40 degrees C, while the water in the nearby wells without phenomenon present.
Bao said his mother 95 years old this year, arm curl, the weak, but from the shower with hot water taken from the well, she has a soft hand and motor behavior is, good health up completely. Therefore the majority of people agree that area, this well arise mineral water circuit.
Prior to this information, Dr. Le Huy Minh, Deputy Director of the Institute of Geophysics (Institute of Science and Technology of Vietnam) said studies are needed to know the specific cause. He also said that the possibility of heat-related wells volcano is unfounded, but may be related to the Red River fault zone.
"When active fault zones, the crust will move occurred rupture and thus will have mineral lines go up, move along the fault and go to ground. Maybe it flows into wells and mineral hot water make up, "Ming said.
The reality in the area of ​​Lai Chau, Dien Bien, fault zones of continuous operation. At Dien Bien basin also has many hot water circuit occurs (as in the case in Lao Cai).
Dr. Ming also said that if his mother Bao felt better when the hot water showers, this may well be mineral water line that needs research, rational exploitation.
In a different perspective, Professor Nguyen Van Dan, former Union Confederation chief Geology, Hydrology, Geology works said, to determine the cause must fieldwork, consider the situation. However, this phenomenon is often referred to as "thermal pollution" (a sudden temperature rise).
There are many theories Mr. Dan launched. Accordingly, the well water can heat up so artificial. That is not only wells that even in some plots (in the toilet, corner ...) suddenly heats up abnormally. Possible causes slaking pit nearby, or open circuit ... as heating water and soil.
In addition, unusually hot water wells can by natural causes. Therefore, the need to consider the well is dug through rocks whatsoever. If digging through unconsolidated rock or peat may be heated up by flammable gas engender high heat. Or, it can also result from tectonic activity of the Earth from the deep brought up.
In the case of Mr. Bao in Lao Cai, Mr. Dan predictions rooted causes more natural. But he also excludes factors related to volcanic activity.
5/4 afternoon, Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Lao Cai has sent staff to take water samples to study, where to study its causes to give timely warning to the people.

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