Be prepared when traveling dust

Preparation skills and prepare thoroughly for the trip is essential for every person, to have fun and travel fun.
The tourist season has arrived, many young people have chosen to travel on preference, backpacking in groups to be immersed and nature, enjoy the feeling of discovery.
For your trip convenient and more interesting, Travel Tips to you and introduce you to some of the necessary skills, prepare for your journey.

Research information

In addition to determining the destination of the trip, you need to research before the hotel you want to stay. Can research the internet or refer friends and relatives went to that place.
If you want to save but still safe, can reach the Trade Union Tourism Hotels. In every province in Vietnam has this property and has relatively soft room rates and relatively safe.
Once the choice is their sanctuary, you should look for opportunities and take advantage of to make room reservations in advance and get a good pre-season discount resorts, tourist season.

du lịch bụi


Personal luggage

Clothing maneuver with jeans, pull tourists, the suit makes you feel better and more energetic during the trip. Choose the clothes not wrinkled fabric nature, how to not need board that still wear is the most important criteria for clothes.

In addition to preparation

  • Small knife, multifunction knife
  • Flashlight
  • Cream against mosquitoes, squeeze, insects.
  • Shampoo, shower gel and bath soap wrapped format (to save space suitcase)
  • The important documents: identity card (to rent accommodations), computer driving license (for car hire locally) and insurance (if any)


  • Drugs abdominal pain (may use Imodium or kind you are used to)
  • Drug fever (Panadol) and a bottle of oil and wind.
  • Cars (though) in case weather erratic rain, sun, you should choose a short rolling box, compact and able to be in his bag.
  • As women, you should bring some necessary things for himself. Bring a pillow gas to support the head and neck fatigue during travel by bus a long time.


  • The camera is worn on the abdomen or neck strap. As you move along, so put the camera inside the shirt. Thus looked slightly odd but safe for shock hazards or robbery.
  • Cash and important documents should be left at the front pocket and pin it with pins. Leaving only a small amount of pocket.
  • Using ATM cards in crowded places and each drawing a little, to avoid being tracked, robbery.
  • Mobile phones in the pocket as well to advance, if you girls no pockets before they can leave the phone in the bag and put it in his shirt.

Arrive tourism

  • Check in and check doors, windows and rooms to choose carefully.
  • When he left the room to bring what is valuable, not for jewelry or any money what the hotel if you go out. If not convenient to carry items like laptop, ipad ... you should send the front and marked by paperwork or deposit their personal information. Recommend hotel was sealed consignment of furniture.
  • The key deposit must be worn cabinets carefully.
  • Motorcycle rental of hotel staff. Rents motorbikes in Vietnam fluctuated between 70,000 to 100,000 for 12 hours. Should hire staff in the hotel. Including cases of non-rental property, you could still "small questions" staff.
  • Car Hire hotel staff have an advantage as they know themselves in that place, papers leave the hotel should not have to explain diffusion. Upon receipt of the car maker and parrots remember getting insurance, check vehicle status and alarm with vehicle owners. If their car was full, poured gasoline when you fill up and pay back.
  • Payment before check-out car hire site. When payment to a third party witness or stand near someone.
  • When leaving the room, the important items that may not want to send the book under the bed and told hotel staff do not need cleaning. If you leave the room the morning, those little things that need to be grouped neatly into the bag and placed orderly.
  • Before check to check carefully from the inside out to avoid omitting items back or lose their difficulty.

Enjoy yourself

  • Tips select diner: If not eat at the hotel, you can choose any of the many motorcycle shops (local number plates) parked. Maybe you will not just mouth for another taste but there is also the beauty that you should explore.
  • With local famous "guillotine" tourists, you should agree a price before you eat. Do not be ashamed because this will help you avoid becoming a victim reluctantly.
  • Can buy the fruits of local specialties to take. Buy enough and eat out, not to bring in the next stage, because there will be other specialty and avoid damage.

Skills to Remember

  • After imaging is complete, up to an internet service and upload your image to your hard drive or via mail brought to release the camera”s memory card.
  • Do not print photos along the way because of your will consume a relatively large amount and when necessary, can not be right.
  • When buying anything to, you should go behind the local people to hear them and see them pay the price to pay to avoid them and buy expensive.
  • Above are a few recipes simple but efficient travel for dust. Will you travel with fun and interesting.