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At an altitude of over 1,000 meters above sea level, Sapa town chimera, had been dreaming of literati artists as Da Lat analogy of the North, the Alps of Indochina, are beautiful in forest, a place of Elysium ...

Today, with the ventilation and economic prosperity of Lao Cai tourism and national and foreign tourists in the country have more options in the journey to Sa Pa, which, as a choice Vietdiscovery perfect. The first reason, to Sapa is coming with good space, with a pristine ecosystem, with grandiose Fansipan - Vietdiscovery is a leading travel organization that organizes and guides tours exploratory , the conquest of Fansipan, Indochina”s highest mountain.

With practical experience in making dreams come true, companies always act the same guests to take a tour particularly impressive. Another important information that tourists need to know, that had been certified Vietdiscovery Company management idea Phan Si Pang ecological best; and certified travel agency organizing tours Fansipan explore the best from 2009 to the present.
 The second reason, Vietdiscovery travel company is a supplier of travel services for continuous, complete, visitors will discover the exotic beauty and grandeur of the North West, the cultural character of the highland peoples in the villages intact the tradition, and you can enjoy the dishes with unique flavor, esoteric ... Guests will also be pleased by the convenience, safety, attitude attentive service, reasonable price, totally worth the cost of removal.
 There are many other reasons that travelers will discover, to experience, but one thing is proud that the guests come with Vietdiscovery and served here, when appointment dates back to Sapa, also thought to injuries This signal. Me Sa Pa, is remembered Vietdiscovery, by not only the type, is watching, is discovering, is immersed in impressive nature, but also learn a panoramic cultural history of the area has been dubbed " Between heaven jewel back "is:
 With the advantage of geographical position, landscape, climate, from the early 20th century Sapa has been known to resort function - nursing. Today, along with the work of building up and development of Lao Cai, Sapa increasingly more poetic, as the jewel among the clouds halfway majestic mountains. Sapa is an appellation of origin from the vernacular "Sa Pa" means sand. Placement of sand are defined as valley about 4km outside the town, about the end of the range of Ham Rong valley, where the bridge km32 of Sa Pa commune today, also the location of the district is located on neck area is called the Red Lake.
  Legend has it that long ago in the land of the Hoang Lien mountain clouds halfway, a red geyser extrusion. Natives known as "Red Lake" - red water fountain. Red Lake has become a lake is cared for in goal keeping clean and green city, Red Lake poetic works reflected the new with flowers and trees, water garden sky. About tone Sa Pa, the French do not pronounce are question marks, but still respected sites should have called Sapa. From the early years of the 20th century was, landmark Sapa has been officially recorded in writing, to the present day, reputation Sapa - attractive tourist area of ​​Lao Cai - Vietnam has flown all over the world.



In the central town of Sapa, in very many angles are visible Ham Rong Mountain. The mountain like a dragon head held high toward the summit of Mount Fansipan Hoang Lien piled. Attached to the mountain legends are interwoven with folk notions interesting and unexpected.

The story is that, its foundation site, have two dragons live on this land, when the land was still flat. Rong big burly guy, poise and fortitude; Her cute little dragon fresh, energetic and playful. Couples in love intertwined, warm and cheerful. By now, the Jade Emperor for all species boundaries occupants, the dragon she still engrossed spring bath with innocent mischief, so the time has come, his dragon of the Hoang Lien, the dragon she did not to keep up. Therefore, her dragon of a smaller winding mountain toward his dragon.

There is another thing, that there was once upon a time lived three brothers Rong gather on the Red Lake region. Jade Emperor ordered: "The East was narrow, wide western longer term, when he heard my voice, creatures run west to get on his sand". Gong sounded from the ether, two more stout dragon he should run to this place is petrified of the Hoang Lien Son horns, while paying little baby had petrified lags in posture toward his brothers , mouth unfinished sentences called: "Hold on!" So Ham Rong mountain toward the Hoang Lien with his head still as emotionally resonant call close brother.

Ham Rong mountain, alternating between stone forest clusters are thousands of species of flowers are always blooming flavor shine, which has magically beautiful hydrangeas because each flower has 5 colors, however if cotton will not be dismantled see all the beauty. Apparently flower”s also a community, because only the most beautiful hydrangeas while standing in his community, and flowers to honor the beauty of each other up.

Also on Hoang Lien Son range of spectacular identical messages, flora - plants contain biological diversity makes anyone be surprised. According to scientific literature, the 600 million years ago this region was submerged in the sea, after upheaval of the earth”s crust, until the New tectonic period about 100 million years ago, forming new ranges and mountains. Hoang Lien Son museum”s most spectacular natural areas in Southeast Asia, with 700 endemic species of plants and hundreds of animal species included in the Red Book.



Sapa climate is unique also with 4 seasons in one day weather. The morning sun rises, all blooming flower flavor shine as Spring; Warm sunny midday occasionally felt a little like summer rain; sunny afternoon off, a little chilly air as autumn; and at night - seemed winter was about. Sapa also has frequent snowfall between 4 and 6 years late winter early spring occasion. The year without snow, frost still appear on top of the pass Hoang Lien, caking on the thick trees, and even tear down the old pine trees young couple. Pristine white of frost Sapa has enhanced the attractiveness of the region has many wonderful inherent to this, so visitors domestically and internationally to Sapa on a lot.

Coming to Sapa is to a region”s resources signature. Sapa market always attract domestic and foreign tourists. Entries market has many stone steps from the beginning of the century by the French built to serve the needs of rest remain silent witnesses of life”s changes today. In the market, Brocade of Hmong, Dao - paisley, flowers, traditional dress has become a commodity in the tourism economy. Compatriot and enrichment subsisting thanks to the specific effectiveness of conservation policy and promote national cultural identity.

Coming to Sapa Sapa is also a city. If in the last decades of the 20th century, there Sapa town in mud-covered, blackened and damp to grate, in the year of the first decade of the 21st century, and the movement forward is set up alone in urban construction has made Sapa like emptying the comedy Cinderella princess to become splendid. Especially since 2004, when the program of cooperation between the Lao Cai with the A-qui-ten French Republic on the regulation of urban construction completed Sa Pa, emphasizing the landscape, implement the principle is structures natural fit Sapa has made urban planning towards promoting the values of the natural preference.

Infrastructure fit the natural conditions and social conditions are always the most important for the development of a region. Phan Si Pang - the roof of Indochina by turning negative from Hmong language "Hoa Su Pan", ie three rock against sky. The mountain is part of Sa Pa, the peak altitude of geography, and determined to conquer the peak of so many people. Phan Si Pang is also peak tourist guide that Vietdiscovery desire to conquer. Talking is desire, because once stood on the roof of Southeast Asia, was once self outdo himself.

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