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It can be said, has long beauty of human nature and the Northwest has become the source of inspiration for musicians, writers and poets composing these works live forever with time. Tracing the farm Hydrography verses and captivating music, many people have traveled to come to the Northwest to be watching the clouds crossing the majestic Hoang Lien as soft towel on shoulder girl; was watching the terraced rice fields bending their mountainside like giant painting beautiful nature; join the festival bat flames flickering inside her and was watching the painted ladies "of cooked rice nom increases" in head scarf graceful Pieu.

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Based on the extremely rich potential of natural landscape, climatic characteristics and the rich traditional culture of ethnic communities, 8 Northwest province extended (TBMR) include Laos Cai, Yen Bai, Phu Tho and Hoa Binh, Son La, Dien Bien, Lai Chau and Ha Giang tourism development linked to rational exploitation of local tourism potential and promoting the growth of tourism destinations in the program area, the tourism development content of each province, in accordance with the general development agreement. A pioneer in the creation of regional tourism image the important contribution of Lao Cai - Unit Leader Partnership Program regional tourism development 8 provinces TBMR since been established and the period 2010 -2015.
The role of the leader is expressed through initiatives that link tourism development area 8 Lao Cai province TBMR be launched at the conference tourism development cooperation Northwest region held in Sapa (Lao Cai ) on 14/11/2008 under the chairmanship of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The initiative was the conference participants appreciated and agreed to sign the minutes of the tourism development cooperation in the region with four key issues: Cooperation to develop mechanisms and policies to manage tourism development local history; Cooperation in tourism product development; Cooperation propaganda and tourism promotion and development cooperation of human resources. Lao Cai Province - unit linked proposals for tourism development in the region - was elected a collaborative leader. This is the conference marked an important development of tourism northwest, showing the determination to build a global Northwest attractive destination for local and foreign tourists.
If 2009 was the year cooperation program for tourism development area TBMR still "groping" walk the first steps in 2010 as a collaborative leader, Lao Cai province has taken to fulfill its role as leader their own initiative to build cooperative development plan regional tour, lobbying members participating province and called for the support of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and the active support of the consultant, the opportunity to promote the development of tourism industry in particular provincial and regional members TBMR general.
The activities to be implemented within the framework of cooperation program in 2010 had a positive impact on promoting the image, potential, strong tourism and bring efficiency to tour the Northwest. Thereby building strategic tourism development of inter-regional nature, helping to link tourism development between provinces were tightened, while confirming the determination of the 8 provinces in the construction sector 8 provinces TBMR become one of the major tourist development of the country.
One of the typical result that cooperative unit leader has done successfully in 2010 advising that 8 provincial leaders in the region through the framework action plan area 8 provinces TBMR period 2010 -2015, opens up a legal framework for provincial members in actively planning local activities each year, based on that layout plan budgets for the activities identified in the plan.
Together, Lao Cai province has also collaborated with the Netherlands Development Organisation - SNV in Vietnam to complete the project Supply Northwest road works through the provincial members, while taking steps branding travelers 8 provinces calendar TBMR area. Results, initially in the provinces and territories have agreed to build own logo and slogan region. Lao Cai province has also mobilized SNV Vietnam and advisory support to the provinces in the region are 20,000 books published maps and leaflets promoting joint tourism for 8 provinces; successfully organized three surveys, the study travel experience in Thailand, China and Laos with the participation of tourism authorities and travel businesses and represent villagers engaged 8 provinces TBMR travel.
Another success that Lao Cai was deployed in 2010 were mobilized tourism sector in the region participated in the minutes signed tourism cooperation and development to link the Enterprise Division of tourism development in the area according to the criteria of sustainable tourism with the participation of four parties: the State management agencies, businesses, farmers and consultants. Until now, the tourist sector 8 provinces TBMR area has attracted the participation of nearly 40 businesses in the area. The executive apparatus of the Bloc has been formed and has begun to come into operation.
Attending the meeting to develop regional tourism organizations in eight provinces TBMR 6/2010 plateau at Bac Ha Trang, Nguyen Van Tuan-General Director of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism appreciated initiative TBMR of 8 provinces including the lead role of Lao Cai province to link tourism development while confirming what Lao Cai and 8 provinces are doing entirely consistent with the development strategy of Vietnam”s tourism in 2010-2020 and in 2030 was driven by the Tourism Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for approval. In recognition of the efforts of the provinces of Lao Cai and link TBMR in tourism development, Mr. General Director of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism said agreed to support the construction of tourism development projects Western Region North and implementing tourism projects Cung Street Northwest.
2010 are closed, the gas spring crisp Northwest region. Somewhere in the spring, the bud peach blossoms fade were prepared on the plump stem sap to rise tangled life sweet fruit. Traveling northwest spent a year with many positive results, creating a solid foundation for the development of tourism Northwest in 2011 and the 2010-2015 period. With the interest and support of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism; the determination of the leaders of eight provinces in the region; teamwork of tourism sector; the support and participation of local people; the support of the consultant and the donors and especially the proactive, positive and enthusiastic leading wing of Lao Cai, make sure the area of ​​the flowers TBMR- country, cherry, plum flower; home of dance around, dance spread, of the market situation will not only highland ... an inspiration of poets, writers, musicians, but also an increasingly attractive destination for tourists in and abroad. /.

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